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Come play Dragonwars of Trayth on July 23rd! Check our special events for more information.

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Rockhead's is Racine and Kenosha's premier gaming store with hundreds of games, including board games, card games, table top miniatures, and role-playing games.

Check out our open gaming space -- it's the largest in the area. Join our family friendly community where you will make new friends and have fun!

Our large, in-store game library is available for your enjoyment. You do not need to join a club or pay a fee to play any of our library games.

Note: The 1st floor space is available whenever the store is open, on a first come basis. We also have a very large 2nd floor gaming space, which is used for tournaments, private events/parties, and overflow gaming (including FNM). If you would like to schedule an event using the 2nd floor space, please call us at 262-657-5655.


We have comics and graphic novels for all ages and the largest selection of variant covers in the area.

Our free comic book subscription service begins with 3 titles. Subscribers receive 10% off all new comics, current comics, and comic supplies, including bags, boards, and boxes.

See our comics page for more information and the list of new comics arriving each Wednesday.

Special Orders and Pre-Orders

Don't see what you want on our shelves? Want to make sure you get that item as soon as it is released? Ask us about special ordering or pre-ordering your comic and game related items.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are available in any denomination. They are always in style and never expire!

Regular Store Activities

* Open gaming noon to 6pm
* Yu-Gi-Oh (starts 1pm)
* Open gaming noon to 9pm
* HeroClix (starts 6pm)
* Warmachine & Hordes casual play (starts 6pm)
* Kenosha Steampunk meets 2nd Mon from 6-9pm
* Open gaming noon to 8pm
* Kenosha Steampunk meets 4th Wed from 5-7pm
* Open gaming noon to 7pm
* Open gaming noon to 11pm
* Wisconsin's #1 Gaming Group (starts 6pm)
* Friday Night Magic (starts 6pm)
* Open gaming noon to 8pm
* Learn to Hack (starts 2pm)
* Pathfinder Society Organized Play (meets 1,2,3,&4th Sat from Noon-8pm)
* D&D Adventurers League (meets 4th Sat starting at 5pm)
* Nightfall A Vampire LARP (meets 4th Sat from 6-10pm)
* Flames of War (FoW) casual play

News and Special Events

Saturday 7/23 - Dragonwars of Trayth in 3D - Noon-9pm, cost free, no pre-registration required; however, you can sign up to ensure your place.
- As seen at GaryCon and Nexus Game Fair, Epic Quest Publishing will be demoing their campaign setting Dragonwars of Trayth using their full size, 3D dungeon tables. Dragonwars is an Epic Adventure that is compatible with Pathfinder/3.5 RPG.
- Check out Dragonwars of Trayth on YouTube (can you spot Allen?) and on Facebook
- Epic Quest Publishing is bringing everything you need to fully immerse yourself into the game. Knowledge of Pathfinder 3.5, another fantasy RPG, or just role-playing in general is preferred, but not necessary. Regardless of which adventure you choose, you will discover a new world full of dangers and glorious places in all their splendid 3D detail.
Schedule - 3 tables will run at a time, 6 player limit per table, free sample pdf is available for some of these modules on the Dragonwars of Taryth website.
- Noon-4pm: (1) The Dungeons of Belar, (2) The Temple of Trayth, (3) The Black Marshes of Thrallag
- 4pm-9pm: (1) The Lair of Gorlim, (2) The Ruins of Lythar, (3) The Shadow Crypts

Saturday 7/30 - 40K 3000 point Team Battle
- Pre-register and direct questions to Warhammer 40k Kenosha Facebook group
- Doors/registration starts 10am, round one dice drop at 10:30am. Four two hour rounds with 30 minutes in-between, rounds will be time capped. Doors close at 8:30pm.
- Fee $25 per team, all fees will go to prizes. Number of prizes will vary based on number of entrants. Teammates decide how to split entry fee and prizes.
- Players should plan to play all rounds, as a single loss does not mean you have lost the tournament. VPs will awarded for each match and will determine final score, not just wins/losses.
Army Info
- 3000 point team battle (1500 points per player), army lists will be verified, models do not have to be painted or based.
- Models must be WYSIWYG. Proxies and "counts as" not allowed unless no model is available or the custom model has been approved in advance.
- Forgeworld models are allowed as long as you bring a copy of their rules and they show the “Warhammer 40k Approved” Seal.
- Super Heavy Lords of War, Gargantuan Monstrous Creatures and Death from the Sky will not be allowed.
Final Notes
- Bring your own supplies and rules. Do not count on the judges or store to have your rules, dice, tape measure and/or templates for you.
- Sportsmanship is important and will affect your score. Rockhead’s is a family store. Swearing, yelling, excessive arguing, etc may get you ejected from the store (fee will not be refunded.) ALL unsportsmanlike game play, including fast/blind rolling, will affect the player's score.


2328 Roosevelt Road
(Hwy 50)
Kenosha, WI 53143

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Phone: 262-657-5655
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Store Hours**

Sun :Noon to 6pm
Mon :Noon to 9pm
Tue :Closed
Wed :Noon to 8pm
Thur :Noon to 7pm
Fri :Noon to 11pm*
Sat :Noon to 8pm

* Friday's are dedicated to open gaming. Bring your own game or play one in our library!

**Closed Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. We may be closed on the 4th of July, GenCon Weekend, and really bad snow days. See our store news or Facebook page for occasional store closing updates.