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Wisconsin's #1 Gaming Group

Board game fans are invited to join Wisconsin's #1 Gaming Group. What makes this group so special? We don't just play the classics, but also many of the newest & best games around - including some not yet available to the rest of the world. And when you join the Friday Night Game Group at the Premier level, your $5 monthly dues let you nominate & vote for the weekly game choice and guarantees you incredible odds at winning a new game, each and every month. Not interested in winning a new game? Join at the Player level and enjoy the gaming goodness. Player level membership is free.

- We meet nearly every Friday night yr round - Game Night: 1st & 3rd Fridays - 6pm to Midnight; 2nd, 4th & the occasional 5th Friday - 6pm to 10pm.

- Questions? Contact Ryan Metzler at rpmetzler at (and check out Ryan's game reviews for The Dice Tower on You Tube!)

Regular Store Activities

* Open gaming noon to 6pm
* Call of Cthulhu Organized Play (typically meets 4th Sun starting at 1pm)
* Open gaming noon to 9pm
* HeroClix (starts 6pm)
* Kenosha Steampunk meets 2nd Mon from 6-9pm
* Open gaming noon to 8pm
* Kenosha Steampunk meets 4th Wed from 5-7pm
* Open gaming noon to 7pm
* Open gaming noon to 11pm
* Wisconsin's #1 Gaming Group (starts 6pm)
* Friday Night Magic (starts 6pm)
* Open gaming noon to 8pm
* Learn to Hack (starts 2pm)
* Pathfinder Society Organized Play (meets 1,2,3,&4th Sat from Noon-8pm)