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HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game produced by WizKids/NECA Inc. Players construct teams of heroes and villains and play out a battle between the teams turn-by-turn on a grid map.

If you want to join a HeroClix forum, check out HCRealms - the premier HeroClix gaming community. Marvel HeroClix Classic's game map and rules are available on Wizkid's website.

How/When can you play HeroClixs at Rockheads

- Mondays: Tournament games starts promptly at 6:00pm and ends before 9:00pm. Prizes are awarded for First Place, Fellowship, and a random Fellowship Contender!

- Fridays: Pick-up HeroClix matches usually occur starting around 6pm. A prize is awarded to a random player.

- Sundays: Special Events are held occasionally on Saturdays and Sundays. This includes Win a Brick and Kindred Kitties events.

House Rules

- Each round is 40-45 minutes.

- Fellowship winner will choose the week's award from available prizes.

- A third prize is awarded to a random Fellowship contender.

- Bye rounds are scored as an average of the player's other rounds.

- "Silver Age" - Any set, no Feats, Battlefield Conditions or Resources.

- Players are allowed to bring two teams, one "highly competitive" and one suitable for all players. The "highly competitive" team may be played in the final round, or by mutual consent.

- Contact RavenProject if you'd like to run a "theme team" which does not share a keyword, or if you have other questions.

Special Saturday and Sunday Events

No special Saturday or Sunday events scheduled at this time. Stay tuned to this webpage (and our Facebook page) for Kindred Kitties and other special event announcements!

Monday Tournaments

Games starts promptly at 6:00pm and ends before 9:00pm. Prizes are awarded for First Place, Fellowship, and a random Fellowship Contender!


3/7 - Hulk Smash - 400 points, Modern Age. This month's OP kit is based on the Hulk. In event your force must include a character who can use Super Strength on it's first click. During your first turn you may give one character who has Hulk in their name a standard heavy object from outside of the game to hold regardless if they can use Super Strength.

3/14 - 300 points, Modern Age

3/21 - 800 points, Silver Age. Limit of 5 actions in your action total per turn.

3/28 – Batman V Superman - 500 points, Silver Age. The Caped Crusader and The Man of Steel battled it out on the big screen this past weekend and now the fight continues to the HeroClix map. In this event your force must contain any version of Superman OR any version of Batman, but not both.


4/4 - Brave and the Bold - 600 points, Silver Age. This month's OP kit is based around some of DCs most famous team ups. At the beginning of the game choose two figures on your force. As long as those two figures are adjacent they both gain +1 attack. If those figures use the Merge ability that figure isn't affected by the damage depletion modifier when using Duo Attack.

4/11 - 300 points, Silver Age

4/18 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sealed - 300 points, Sealed event. Celebrate the long awaited release of TMNT HeroClix by buying five single figure TMNT boosters and one 5 figure booster of your choice to play in this sealed event.

4/25 - Power Outage - 400 points, Modern Age. At the beginning of every round and half way through the round the judge will roll the HeroClix d20. If a color c=omes up characters can't use powers of that color, if a combat symbol comes up characters can't use any powers in that stat slot, if Improved Movement or Targeting comes up characters cannot use those abilities, if the blank side comes up the d20 will be re-rolled.

Regular Store Activities

* Open gaming noon to 6pm
* Call of Cthulhu Organized Play (typically meets 4th Sun starting at 1pm)
* Open gaming noon to 9pm
* HeroClix (starts 6pm)
* Kenosha Steampunk meets 2nd Mon from 6-9pm
* Open gaming noon to 8pm
* Kenosha Steampunk meets 4th Wed from 5-7pm
* Open gaming noon to 7pm
* Open gaming noon to 11pm
* Wisconsin's #1 Gaming Group (starts 6pm)
* Friday Night Magic (starts 6pm)
* Open gaming noon to 8pm
* Learn to Hack (starts 2pm)
* Pathfinder Society Organized Play (meets 1,2,3,&4th Sat from Noon-8pm)